Care Bags

Delivering to Winnipeg's Less Fortunate 2016

​With the help of local entrepreneurs and volunteers, we organized a donation drive to help provide necessities to the homeless here in Winnipeg. A great amount of winter gear was collected. Monetary donations were used to purchase the Care Bags, which included items like socks, toothbrushes, under garments, shampoo, etc. It was amazing to see the smiles and gratitude from the men and women receiving these items.


We had a wonderful time in Managua, Nicaragua and met some incredible people!  Our missions team helped construct a wall for a church in one of the poorest areas around.  They only just recently had their road paved as before it was a mud road and come monsoon season was quite challenging for travel.   Here are a few photos of the wall and the amazing people we were blessed to help.  My wife and I continue to support these two sweet little girls, Alondra and Alihondra, as we are able to send them to a school where they can learn to speak English, opposed to the public school where they could not.


We were blessed to visit Agape Children's Home (Eternal Love Association) in Mae Sot Thailand in January. It is run by Pastor Winai, his family and a few volunteers. Most of the children that live and stay at the orphanage are Burmese refugees (Mae Sot is a border town to Burma). Some live here permanently while others go home to see their parents occasionally, as their parents are out looking for whatever work they can get with farming etc. They receive very little support and do their best with what they have. They hadn't seen any volunteers for over two years and were really excited to see us! We were greeted with incredibly humbling hospitality ♥

During our stay it truly felt like we received more than we gave with all of the love, fellowship, genuine smiles, prayer and long lasting relationships that have been built. I learned so much from the unwavering faith shown by the Pastor, being so satisfied with so little and being so selfless to dedicate his whole life to helping others and spreading the word of God.

The Pastor took us to visit Htee Tha Naco Hill tribe that he has built a relationship with. We took a 4 hour off roading drive through the jungle to get there and it was the most satisfying yet terrifying ride ever haha. The people of the tribe were excited to see us and were so hospitable! It was amazing to stay with them, learn about them and best of all go to Church with them 🙂 Luckily we had a few translators so we were able to chat with them ♥

If you are looking for somewhere to volunteer, Pastor Winai and the kids would love to have more volunteers come out! Let me know if you're interested and I'll get you in touch with him 🙂 It was an unforgettable experience for everyone ♥